Initiative for a European Referendum

A Constitution for a Europe for the People, by the People

The people of Europe have recognized that a united Europe is no longer feasible through the development of the “Brussels EU”. The “Brexit” decision by the people of the United Kingdom is not the cause of this realization, but the consequence of it.

Seventy years ago, after they supported two World Wars, corporate interests hijacked the idea of a Europe united in peace in order to abuse it as a means of fulfilling their global domination plans. But now that the people of Europe have learned about the Nazi roots of the Brussels EU, the political and moral legitimacy of this European construct has been destroyed.

Realizing this, in 2007 a group of survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp addressed the public. Once again, they raised their voices in order to open our eyes, the eyes of the current generation, and presented their draft of a European “Constitution for the People, by the People”. In view of Brexit, TTIP, and the increasing global promotion of genetically modified foods, this draft constitution has now become a burning issue.

In the 2007 meeting, the survivors of Auschwitz also awarded the “Relay of Life” to the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, and with it the responsibility to pass on the knowledge gained from the lessons of history.

In this historic situation we now address the members of the Dr. Rath Health Alliance, the people of Europe, and concerned citizens everywhere. If we want to achieve the ambition of a peaceful and united Europe that lives in peace with the people of other continents, the first step must be to deny the right of the “Brussels EU” to represent us.

This draft constitution provides the basis for the process of building a peaceful, just, and healthy Europe.

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